E.COOLINE® helps the human body to  avoid heat stress. Under normal conditions, our skin reacts to heat  by producing sweat which evaporates and generates a cooling effect for the body. Unfortunately, with extreme heat, like in recent summers and in a lot of workplaces, the human body reaches its limits.

The COOLINE SX3® high-tech fleece transforms heat into cooling. This works very effectively because the 3 D COOL® fibers can absorb and bind water in their core by a multiple of their own weight. The water is only released by evaporation and not by mechanical pressure. Thus, your body stays dry but it is cooled by natural physical evaporative cooling.


Due to the natural principle of evaporation, the cooling effect of E.COOLINE is higher in higher temperatures and lower in lower temperatures. This makes it an automatic system and you will get the best cooling result. Depending on ambient temperatures and the amount of water stored in the fibers, the cooling effect lasts up to 10 hours in most cases. Also, in extreme heat you experience well-being for at least an hour,  something you never thought possible. With a reload in seconds the cooling capacity is regained and the cooling starts from scratch.

Cooling time

Cooling in seconds

Cooling capacity


The only 3 D hybrid cooling system for all heat situations

In over 90% of all cases

3D cool technology

In 90% of all heat situations the water molecules bound on the fibers of the 3D-COOL material evaporate so effectively that a comfortable temperature with a cooling capacity of up to 660 watt/l is achieved.

Due to the physical principle of evaporative cooling, E.COOLINE cools more strongly at higher temperatures and less strongly at lower temperatures. This always produces an optimum cooling result – automatically. And the best thing about it: You don’t need an external energy source, you stay mobile – you decide where and when you cool yourself. Whether indoors or outdoors.

So you have a self-sufficient air conditioning system that can be used quickly and easily anywhere.

In extreme situations

3D cool Booster

But E.COOLINE can do even more – also in extreme conditions. Applying conventional methods, you have to wait for hours for a short cooling time using ice or PCM material. The 3D surface of E.COOLINE, however,  can store cooling capacity of 0 – 10°C in record time of 5-20 minutes (depending on the size of the product) and effectively release it in addition to the evaporative cooling. By using simple, mobile cooling bags with ice packs or crushed ice, E.COOLINE is effective even at extreme temperatures and over 90% humidity or when wearing airtight protective clothing. Use 2 products alternately and within minutes the products are ready for reuse, again and again.

Normally you do not need the 3D Cool-Booster at all. The 3D COOL technology alone with evaporative cooling works effectively. The beauty: You have one product for all cases. This saves time and money.



Save Time

Use a tap, bottle or shower and spread water evenly over the front and the back of the “padded” part of your E.COOLINE product. That’s it. In seconds you will see if everything is covered because all the loaded parts will become a little bit darker. Press gently to remove excess water (do not wring!).




Only seconds

If you prefer, you can also immerse the “padded” part of the product in any bassin filled with water, but only put it in the water for a max. 1-2 seconds (!). Compress it to squeeze out remnant water (please do not wring!).



Roll, dry & enjoy

Roll in a towel or a paper tissue material to dry. The outer layer should be air-dried if necessary. Normally your product is ready for use after approx. 1 minute. That saves working time for all.


We have just developed the third generation of COOLINE SX3 high-tech fleece to be even lighter, quicker in cooling and more effective by 100%. The antibacterial DEOXX fresh finish makes it the first hygienic and washable cooling material on the market.

  • World’s unique 3D technology for a mobile, fast and effective cooling sensation
  • Quickly drying functional microfiber with hygienic DEOXX fresh finish
  • Our high tech material is MADE IN GERMANY
YOUR advantages

The third generation of COOLINE high-tech fleece:

  • Handmade SX3 pads with smart fibers for efficient cooling
  • Soft & lightweight material for high wearing comfort
  • Fast-drying outer material for your health
  • Machine washable & hygienic with DEOXX fresh
  • 2in1 hybrid system for all conditions
Hygienic for your health

Especially since 2020 everybody knows that hygiene is important. All E.COOLINE products are equipped with an antibacterial finish. This kind of finish protects the fibers naturally against odors. For a hygienic use from the first day on.
We at E.COOLINE use water to transform heat into coolness generated by 660 Watt of evaporation. This provides the most natural cooling which is healthy for your body. It follows naturally and is especially important that the products stay clean and hygienic even for long use. As market leader, we were the first to equip all products with DEOXX fresh finish.

Our answers to your questions


The COOLINE SX3 technology is patented and unique in the Australian market. It is not only clothing but works like a technical product. This FAQ-Section could help you answer some general questions. Please visit our subpages for specific information. If you don´t find what you are looking for, please don´t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to support you.

What's the technology behind E.COOLINE?

The 3D COOL technology COOLINE SX3 in E.COOLINE products is outstanding and unique in the market. It has the fastest activation time combined with a long lasting cooling effect. The smart fibers have a big capacity to store water on their surface which leads to an enormous evaporative cooling effect of up to 660 Watt and a cooling temperature difference of up to 12°C on your body. In comparison to functional shirts, the water molecules are not bound between the fibers but directly on the smart fibers. The upper body remains dry and sweat gets absorbed. The technology is inserted in comfortable designed clothing and for that reason wearable wherever you stay or work. Indoors and outdoors.

In addition you cannot only use it with evaporative heat, but as it is a hybrid technology you have the choice to use it in any heat condition. If there is extreme humidity you can also use E.COOLINE activated with water with a cooling box and crush ice zipper bags or ice packs. If you use 2 products, you can store one in the box while wearing one. Only exchange after some time when necessary. In this case you have a mobile cooling system available whenever you need it.

How long will e-cooline keep me cool?

The E.COOLINE products cool as long as they have water inside. The exact time depends on the amount of water inside but also on the temperature outside. Normally the products work up to 10 hours.

At temperatures of 26 °C vests completely activated with the maximum amount of water (over 1 liter) can work up to 20 hours. We have experienced that with temperatures of over 45°C and very low humidity some products worked only for 1 hour. But in these conditions a cooling effect of 1 hour is outstanding and supports the wearer enormously. Other cooling solutions wouldn`t have worked or for a significant lower time or effect. As the reload of E.COOLINE with water takes only some seconds with a tap or bottle, the customers were very happy with the cooling effect in this these workplaces. 

Are E.COOLINE products suitable for washing machines?

Most cooling clothing is not washable. Due to crystals and gel components or simple fleece constructions they are not washable or if so, only by hand with no detergent. This is not very hygienic. Therefore we have developed a washable and hygienic technology with all parts being washable, also in machines. The only important thing is not to use detergents with fiber protection because chemicals in these can destroy the fibers‘ activity. You can use any standard detergents or to be on the safe side TOKO ecowash or DEOXX ecowash to wash your clothing perfectly. Also, an industrial washing description is available. Ask us.

Where can I purchase e-cooline products?

You can buy all E.COOLINE directly at RMK with an email or telephone call at 0414333002

How do I activate the products?

Activation with water is quick and easy: The integrated 3D-COOL® technology absorbs the water in seconds. In comparison to functional shirts, the water molecules are not bound between the fibers but directly on the smart fibers. The upper body remains dry and sweat gets absorbed. The physical principle of evaporative cooling actively achieves up to 660 watts and does not require an external energy source. A water tap, a bottle or a mountain stream are sufficient. The user is protected in seconds and receives a cooling refreshment that lasts for hours. Like an air conditioner to wear, the Powercool® SX3 T-Shirt is always with you.

What is e-cooline good for?

The E.COOLINE® products are the unique actively cooling working gear to fight heat stress without any external energy source, freezer or fridge. With body mapping 3D COOL® pads and  ventilation channels, the E.COOLINE® products are designed as a wearable and climate-friendly air conditioning system. A refreshing cool-down and the ideal solution for every workplace – indoors or outdoors.

Do you care about the environment?

Climate change is heating up the world. Exhaustion, less concentration and performance as well as heat cramps, cardiovascular stress and heat-related deaths are the result. Due to climate change, people are calling for air conditioning systems. But they require harmful refrigerants, produce tons of CO2 and worsen global warming. The E.COOLINE® products provide an environmentally friendly feeling of well-being in the heat. As the price is in the range of high-quality functional clothing, it is significantly cheaper than a technical air conditioning system and is mobile indoors and outdoors. Instead of using refrigerants, it works climate friendly with water. A part of the fibers is made by upcycling, the technology is produced in Germany with high social standards and we work with natural electricity.

E.COOLINE is 100% carbon neutral and saves up to 97% of CO2 in comparison to air conditioning systems (report climate partners).

How can I contact e-cooline?

You can contact us by email or by phone


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